Chip is a savings & investments fin-tech start-up aiming to effortlessly build wealth for our generation, doing so with savings accounts & tools, investment funds, and alternative assets.

Working in the design team at Chip, I have been responsible for designing and directing all visual communications across the business. Through crowdfunds and product launches, I've worked on everything digital from social media, paid ads, and CRM, to print campaigns such as direct mail and OOH.

See: Old brand, new brand

In Q1 2022, Chip made the decision to pivot the business and reposition the brand. This reposition meant that we needed to refresh our visual identity, going from a small savings app where people saved for their next holiday, to a more premium, long-term wealth building service with a first class feeling.

As part of the small brand design team, we had a number of weeks to assess where the Chip brand was, where it needed to be, and how we were going to get there. Over the years Chip has been around, there's been a lot of work going into brand awareness and recognition, in the form of TVC, OOH, press coverage, etc. Which is why we made the decision not to completely rebrand Chip, but instead mature the existing identity: